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The Shops


GC: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful life
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Town Square
Always Open
This is where most of the festivals are held you can find Rick here sometimes on his days off. Also the place where the Ballot Appears during Spring 19th-22nd

6pm to 12am
closed Sunday
Now heres mai hang out!! well this is where you go to get a drink afther work. No idea how the top can be reached but all of the men will come here on different days and you can talk to them to find out their feelings for their girls. Also you can find Basil, The Shipper, Doug, and Karen's Dad Here.

8am to 6mp
closed Saturday
Here is the Church!! usually school days from Monday-Fridays unless it's snowing or raining, you an find Kent, Stu and May there. The Paston Pastor Brown is always near or in it. On saterdays it isn't much just closed. On Sundays if your really religious then you can just go and pray but only the Mayor and his Wife are there along with the pastor. On Starry Night Maria, Ann, and Elli will be there also for the New Year's Eve Party Popuri will join them.

Flower Shop
9am to 5pm
closed Sunday
This shop is owned by Basil and operated by Lilia. It's been with them for three generations now. This is the Place for you to buy seeds grass, and flowers. When you get the Green house everything except Strawberries will be avaliable (Only in Winter). Check the calander for special dates (They help!!). Also for the drawing just talk to her (Lilia) in front of the counter Winter 25th-29th.

Spring: 200G per Bag of seeds

Summer: 300G per bag of seeds (Blue Mist Seeds:500G)

Fall: 300G for Eggplants

Winter: 500G for Strawberries

Tool Shop
10am to 6pm
closed Weekends/Wednesday
Rick's Tool Shop. You can buy tools there such as a milker, brush, etc. Sometimes on Thursdays Ann will be there

Craft Shop
9am to 5pm
closed Monday
Saibara's Gift Shop there are only two things you can buy here first in Fall there will be an ocarina and if you give him a blue rock he'll make that brown vase into a Blue one and you can buy that.

9am to 5pm
closed Monday
This is the town's bakery where everything is great!! Here is where you'll find Elli, Her Grandmother, and Jeff. Popuri will be here on Sundays. if your rich and need tickets just buy cakes and toss them ,this is where you come if you have Elli on a high green heart to go to her room. To enter the drawing talk to Jeff in front of the counter during Winter 25th-29th

Mayor's House
9am to 6pm
closed Sundays(they go to Church)
This is where the Mayor,mayor's wife,and Maria lives.

9am to 6pm
closed Monday
This is where Maria works as a receptionist. You'll find her here also when she sprains her ankle and when you have her dream. Sometimes you'll find May, Kent, the Mayor, or Harris here.

Mid Wife
8am to 6pm
Heres the Mid Wife's place not much to say butUseful when you have a child

Potion Shop
8am to 6pm
heres the Potion Shop Dealer's Pad along with Kent and Stu and their lovable dog Taro.

First potion: 1000G (Need Cup) Must give Potion Shop Dealer a Medicinal Herb.
(Recovers from illness a little)

Second Potion: 1500G (need Cup) Must gvie Potion Shop Dealer a Poison Mushroom.
(Recovers illness by mid way)

Third potion: 2000G (Need Cuo) Must give potions Shop Dealer Pontata Root.
(Recovers fully from illness)










Not Shown On Map

8am to 5pm
To get here go up and left (Up the hill) at the cross-roads outside of your farm. This is Karen's home and you'll find her, her parents and Kai here and sometimes Ann on Thursday or Sundays.

Green Ranch:
8am to 5pm
closed Thursday
This is where Ann, Grey, ad Doug live!! Cliff comes here once in a while too! If you need animals, feed, or just his Daughter, Ann, then come on here and have some fun!!.

This is to the right of the entrance of the Green Ranch (afther you come i from the cross roads) This is where the summer festivals are held!! Karen and Cliff come here ofthen and the fisherman, Greg, and Elli sometimes come here on Mondays.

Moon Mountain

The Carpenter's Home:
9am to 5pm
closed Tuesday
To the left of the first sceneyou'll find the carpenter's and if you wanna upgrade your house talk to that poster at the end of the back wall.

Goddess Pond:
9am to 5pm
Go to the left of the Carpenter's house and you'll find this pond, see secrets for details on the Goddess

This is to the top of the Carpenter's home. Inside you'll find the Harvest Sprites and their home and during winter you can go in and mind there.

Mountain Resturaunt:
8am to 5pm
This is ALL the way at the top of the mountain, there are two ways of getting here 1) Climb the tree outside of the Carpenter's home or 2) take the bridge top of the first scene. Here you'll find Baba and Jiji. They are an old couple that lives at and runs the restuaraunt. Sorry you can't buy anything there.







Town members

Gourmet Judge: Judges items at festivals.

Mayor: Runs the town and tells you about upcoming events.
Mailman: Delivers mail.

Carpenters: Build annex and extensions.

Duke: Owner of the local Bar.

Gray: Ann's surly brother.

Karen's Dad: Owner of the local Vinyard.

Kai: Worker at the Vinyard.

Ann: Lives on Green Ranch, loves animals.

Karen: Lives at the Vineyard.

Elli: Works at the Bakery.

Maria: Mayor's daughter, works at the Library.

Pourpi: Lives at the Flower Shop, loves plants.

Lillia:Lives at the Flower shop(Pourpi's mom).

Rick: Owns Tool shop.

May: Shipper's daughter.

Mid-wife: For your baby.

Priest:Works at the Church.

Maria's mother: (the mayor's wife).

Elli's Grandmother: (the woman outside the bakery in a rocking chair).

Harvest elves: Lives in the caves.

Karen's Mom: lives at the Vineyard.

Saibara: the craftshop/ceramic shop owner.

Ann's father:Lives on Green Ranch.

Fisherman: Gives you a rod.

Baba and Jiji:the old folks living in the restaurant at the top of the mountain.

Kent: the older grandson of the Potion Shop owner.

Stu: the younger grandson of the Potion Shop owner.

Cliff: the man in the brown hood who travels about in the first section of the woods, and has a friend bird named Cain.

Basil: Popuri's traveling father.

Imp: Into the small pond located next to the fisherman's house.

Goddess: In the pond behind the Carpenter.

Shipper: May's Dad, takes your stuff.

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