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GC: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful life
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Album 1
Grampa and You
You start out with this picture already in your album.

Swim Competition
Get first place in the swim competition, which takes place in the Summer.

Cow Festival
Enter your favorite cow in the festival, and win first place. A few days after the cow festival, some people from a neighboring farm will drop by. Agree to have your picture taken with the cow. Every day after that, check your mailbox. Eventually, they will send you the Cow Festival picture!

Planting Festival
Be chosen as Harvest King, and go up in the hotair balloon. Having trouble being chosen? Keep living Spring 8th over and over again until you are chosen. If you aren't chosen that particular day, reset your game, and try again. Eventually, you will be picked.

Horse Race
Win first place at the Horse Race, which takes place on Spring 17th, and Fall 28th. It may take a few years to train your horse to the level where he can compete. Just remember: brush your horse each day, and have him run around on your farm to exercise him.

Hot Springs
Aid the carpenters each day in building the hot springs, during the winter. Make sure you're there that last day. They will take a picture with you to comemorate it!

Dog Winner
Have your dog come in 1st place, during the dog race on the 19th on winter. Your picture will be taken.

Home Improvement
Get every home extension possible. They can be purchased at the carpenter's house in the woods.

A Baby Arrives
Wait until your wife gives birth to a baby. To speed the process, give your wife a gift each day, and arrive home on time. It takes about 1 season for her to become pregnant, and 2 seasons for her to give birth.

Get married! A photo will be taken to remember the event by.

Popuri's Picture
Buy the blue mist seed, which becomes available at the Lilia's Flower Shop sometime during the summer of the second year. Popuri will help you plant it. Water it every day (don't miss a watering or it will die). After it blooms, talk to Popuri by the plant every day. After a few days of this, you will get the picture!

Elli's Picture
Become good friends with Elli, bringing her to at least a yellow heart. One day, she will come to you and ask you to come with her. Do so, and she will bring you to the pond in the forest. The photographer will arrive on the scene. Check your mailbox for the next few days.

Karen's Picture
During the first year, become good friends with the bartender, who can be found at the counter in the inn. One easy way to do this is to give him berries and talking with him frequently. One day, he will give you an old bottle of wine. Next, become good friends with the elves, by talking and giving them mushrooms. After your friendship with them is secured, throw a vegetable in the pond at the far end of the forest (travel upper-left) between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm. When the goddess asks if you would like to restore the farm, answer positively. Karen's tree will become healthy. Wait until fall (the wait could be as much as a year). One day, Karen will come take the picture with you.

Maria's Picture
Have Maria to at least a yellow heart, and wait until the summer. You must be outside waiting for her when she stops by in the morning. She will ask to show you something, agree to go with her, and together you will travel and take the picture.

Ann's Picture
Talk and give gifts to Ann until she is at least at a yellow heart. One day during the winter, either you will see her in the forest looking down at an injured rabbit, or she will come get you, and bring the rabbit to your attention. Agree to help the rabbit, and you will get the photo in the mail a few days later.

Party Picture
You must be married, have a child, have all the home extensions, and be good friends with everyone in town. Also, you must have every other picture in the first photo album. A party will be thrown at your house, and a picture will be taken.

Album 2

Grandma's Funeral
You must have gotten the second album by the time Elli's grandmother passes away. A picture will be taken to remember this sad event.

Friend's Forever
Throw a strawberry into the Goddess's pond (the one by the edge of the forrest, with a bridge over the river nearby). When she comes out, ask for Peace. You will then get the picture!

Men's Night Out
Become good friends with Gray, the Priest, and Rick. Then, give they each an egg. You'll have a night on the town, and take a picture to remember the occasion.

Angel's Grace
Purchase purfume from the Goddess.
Bang! Become good friends with Kai. Talk to him on the first of Summer, and he'll shoot off fireworks with you!

Goodwill Towards Men
Become great friends with Basil, Popuri's Dad. One day, he will become injured by a rogue cow. Help him out, and you will receive this picture in return.

Horsing Around
When your horse has a baby, deliver it to Ann. It make take some time until your horse reaches this state.

Grand Birthday Bash
Wait until your birthday, when you have the 2nd album. Make sure you are good friends with
everyone in town. You will have a party at your place, and this picture will be taken.

School's In
Become good friends with the town Priest. Wait until your child has learned to walk. One day, there will be a scene where you and the Priest help your child to get to school.

Welcome Home
One day, your child will run away (he must be walking first). Visit the restaurant at the top of
Moon Mountain to get him back. Once you find him, a picture will be taken.

Anniversary Celebration
Give your wife special juice on the day you were first married. It is a specific type of juice for each women, so experiment until you have the right one. At the celebration, you will get the photo. Have Maria in a pink heart. When you visit her at the library one day, she will ask you to read a book. Pick "Fairy Tale Book" from the list, and you will receive this picture.

Now You're Cooking
Have Elli in a pink heart. Give her an egg. In the next sequence, she will show you how to cook up something nice.

Field of Flowers
Make sure Popuri is married to Gray, or yourself. Next, grow at least 10 squares of the Pink Cat Mint flower. The following episode will earn you this picture.

Day in the City
Stop Karen from moving away to the city. One way to do this is to have her at a pink heart. She will take you to the city, and you two will have your picture taken in an art museum.

Working Hard on the Farm
You start out the album with this picture.

How to get second album
Frist you have to have all the pictures in the frist album and then if your talk( are nice) to the sprites then one day they will give you your second album.
Special thanks to canadian_kitty3

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