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GC: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful life
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1. Upgraded tools in a single night 
go to the Bar at night and start using a tool (Hammer, Axe, Sickle, Hoe, Watering Can) on nothing. When you get tired, just get about ten drinks of water from the bartender, then start doing it again. Note: This is a very slow process that requires patience.

2. Free eggs
if you leave you chicken on your roof (after you have your stairs) the chicken will lay eggs always and you won't have to feed it.(this may not work but it is a good way to get rid of chickens I was told)

3. Horse Race Code
at the horse race, you can bet for free. Talk to the woman so that you get into the token betting screen. Bet any amount of medels on any horse (Or all of them for a guaranteed win) and instead of pressing A to accept the bet, press B. And remember to press B to exit the screen and never talk to her until the next race.

4. Aavoid a typhoon
you first have to have a girl in love with you that comes to your house when you are sick. Second you need to get sick the night before the typhoon. The game will show the scene between you and the girl and the typhoon will never have happened.

5. How to get rid of your dog
If you want to get rid of that no good mutt just bring it in the bathroom and place it on the ground. Then let it walk around and eventually it will walk into the black where you can't and will fall down some sort of hole. You can call for it but it won't come, you will just hear it's barking.

6. Invisible baby (glitch)
In order to do this you must first have your baby crawling. Now, pick up your baby and drop it right in front of the bathroom door (the one you go in to take a bath). Than press forward and pick up your baby and you will open the door and jump in the water and when you get out your hands will be sticking out but no baby. Also if you press the Z button it will say the name of the baby as well! In order to make your baby visible again press start and then press the B button it will be visible again! This trick is not very useful but it is funny.

7. How to get rid of your horse
all you have to do is when your wife is out side your house (at night when you talk to her) get on your horse then talk to her when it's over you go to bed all the same but when you get up the next morning you will be on your horse in your house(this cool you get to ride your horse in the house) but then when you get off the horse is gone and you can't find him anywhere.

8. Unsick the Cows
If you have a sick cow and you don't wanna spend money on that potion plus you don't mind making it mad at you for a few days (Like Three) then just start hitting the sick cow until it changes color (Back to the normal color) and it'll be mad but it's no longer sick

9.  Karen
 rapidly talk to her when holding your dog. Her heart should be pink in around 10min.

10. Can't hold me back
when your wife is having a baby, and you try to leave your farm the Shipper (may's dad) tells you that you can't leave. But you don't have to do what he says, to get out all you have to do is get on your horse and get as close as you can to him then jump off your horse and if done right you will be on the other side off him and can go see the town.


1. Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge
Use the following steps to get on top of Moon
Mountain without building the bridge. Go to the tree
behind the construction builder's house (where you
get home extensions). Press A on the side of the tree
that is closest, or faces, the river. Your character
should climb the tree and hop off on the mountain.
To get down simply press A where you climbed up
the tree and he will hop down.

2.Keep Karen from leaving to the city
keep giving "offerings" to the goddess in the pond by the carpenter's house ( for about a week ) and she will ask if you want to know about the grape spirits. Reply yes and she will take you to the rotting tree in the corner of the vineyard ( aka: Karen's Tree ). She will summon the spirit of the tree and it will seem to grow healthier each season. About a month from that day you will be sleeping and the goddess will appear in your home and tell you that the Kefu fairies have returned. Wait until Fall the next year and Karen will come thank you for bringing the tree back to life. Then she will take you to the tree and you will have your picture taken together.

3.The Berry of the Fullmoon Plant
can be found during Fall 10-12 in front of the restaurant between the two trees on the mountain. The Berry of the Fullmoon Plant can be sold for $300, give it as a gift, and you can eat it.

4.Buy the ruined vase
 Give a blue rock to the guy that you get the ocarina from then pick up the pot that wasn't for sale before and it will be for sale for 2000G

5.A black fish called a Jumper
Catch it in the Spring of the fifth year around the 9th at the river only. Stay up and fish between 5:30 am to 9:00. You will get it, he says to keep it. In the fifth year, the fisherman will ask to stay on your farm. He will ask for the jumper, give it to him, and supposedly, you will have lots of good luck, etc. Not only that, but you can catch another Jumper in the 10th year. Give it to the fisherman, he will talk about how rare it is and go immediately to his tent.

6.Time Portal
This is an actual thing! Give Rick a rare metal at least once a year. He'll say he needs it for some experiment, and he does! One day he will come to your farm, asking to test his invention. He'll ask for some crop, give it to him. The contraption will make it Freez! After that, he leaves saying he still has to fix a few bugs, some people say that you can get it but I'm not sure about this.

7.No passing out for me
 More you alcoholic drinks during the year, the longer you'll be able to go without passing out on New Years. Hint: you can do all the drinking the night before

8.Free Milk
Just have a full grown COW and the bottle. Go to the cow and push "B" and There it is You should have a glass of milk This is usefull especially if you have the grren house and you also wanna mine but you have to water your crops Don't worry the cow will NEVER waste milk and it only makes it more happy.

9.Free wine
you can take your bottle down to the vineyard and go to the cellar there is those two big barrells on the bottom floor simply press B with your bottle equiped on one of them don't be to close to it or it won't work then you get wine.

10. Ann's Fruit Cake
 watch out for this it actually DECREASES your stamina ( Not Perminently) she'll give it to you if your married with her and it's your Birth-Day.

11. Rick's Weather Vane
if you can get to the third floor of the mining area you might be lucky enough to dig up a weather vane with a wierd name. talk to Rick and he'll thank you for returing it

12.Seperating From Your Wife
this is a simple trick and it isn't really gonna devorce your wife (you can't in the game anyways) just give her bushes (Ann's the easiest... Just kill your animals!!) until they get to a blue heart. The next time yo go back into your home you'll see that your wife isn't there and that theres a letter (Karen says "I hate you!! I hate You!!" she must really hate you to say it twice!!) if you want your wife back go to her place and talk say yes when their gaudians ask if you wanna talk with her and then you have her back!! (Remember while your wife is at home all the other girls disappear from your game until you get your wife back.

the Artisan will give you a book in year three. Give it to the woman you like.

sometime in the game, Taro (the dog by the potion shop), will have puppies. They will say that your dog got her pregnant. You will know it is true because the puppies will look like your dog.

15. Kent Runs Away From Home
he came rushing into my house as I was eating breakfast, and wanted to know if he could crash at my place. You get a choice of telling him to go home, or asking him what's wrong. If you ask him what's wrong, he says he got in a fight with the Potion Shop Owner about owning a farm (you know how he always talks about owning a farm someday?) and he ran away. Then he asks if he should worry about this stuff so early in life. Then Stu rushes in and says the Potion Shop Owner is sick. They all go running into the Potion Shop and it shows the Owner in bed as the midwife takes care of him. Kent keeps saying he's sorry and he doesn't want him to die, but the midwife then says he's okay. Then you go outside and Kent blocks the door and talks to you. Now when you come back, everything will be normal again

Visit Your Farm
to have the three girls that always appear at the festivals come to your farm, Simultaneously plant five sets of Moon drop Flowers and five sets of Pink Cat Mint Flowers (outside in a group). When they all bloom the three girls should come to your farm and they should come and compliment you on your farm

17.cliff is gone
if you get married to ann cliff will move away on the 1st day of winter,(not sure if he moves back yet.)



Infinite Money Cheat

Infinite Chicken Feed Cheat
80237411 005C

Infinite Lumber Cheat
81189BC6 03E7
81189E50 03E7

Infinite Stamina Cheat
80189060 00FF

Infinite Fodder Cheat
81180714 03E7
81189C06 03E7

Infinite Water Sprays Cheat
8016FBCD 0063

All Recipes Cheat
8016FB03 0007

All Photos Cheat
8118905A FFFF

Infinite Stamina Horse Races Cheat
802F5015 0002

All People Are Your Friends Cheat
Note: You must have Gameshark pro version 3.0 or higher to use this cheat code.
50002601 0000
801C3F90 00FF 
nfinite Flower Card Points Cheat
802373F0 0063

Infinite Cake Card Points Cheat
80181B10 0063

Make Maria Love You Cheat
801C3F90 00FF

Make Popuri Love You Cheat
801C3F91 00FF

Make Elli Love You Cheat
801C3F92 00FF

Make Ann Love You Cheat
801C3F93 00FF

Make Karen Love You Cheat
801C3F94 00FF

Infinite Medals For Horse & Dog Races Cheat
81189B06 270F
81205206 270F

Have 99 Medals On Each Dog & Horse Cheat 801C3DD0 0063
801C3DD1 0063
801C3DD2 0063
801C3DD3 0063
801C3DD4 0063
801C3DD5 0063
801C3DD6 0063
801C3DD7 0063
801C3DD8 0063
801C3DD9 0063
801C3DDA 0063
801C3DDB 0063
801C3DDC 0063
801C3DDD 0063
801C3DDE 0063
801C3DDF 0063
801C3DE0 0063
801C3DE1 0063
801C3DE2 0063

Change The Weather Cheats All
802373A9 0001
802373A9 0002
802373A9 0003
Rain With Normal Music
802373A9 0004
802373A9 0005


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